EPA Oil-water Separation

In any compressed air system, the combination of ambient air, humidity level, and heat compression can produce large volumes of moisture. That compression process results in air saturated with moisture and as compressed air cools, the cooler air can no longer retain that moisture resulting in condensation. In a lubricated compressor, that compression process also causes a small amount of oil to vaporize and mix with water vapor creating condensate that now includes oil as well. The EPA requires condensate to be either collected for proper disposal or treated to remove oil and other contaminants prior to disposal of the water. Typical compressed air or gas systems can produce thousands of gallons of oil-contaminated condensate every year. Collecting, storing, and disposing of this oily condensate is messy and expensive.

Air & Gas Technologies understands your needs and has a wide range of high-performance oil-water separators to remove oil and other contaminants from your condensate allowing you to dispose of it safely and inexpensively. Oil Water Separators can offer safe condensate disposal with this simple and cost-effective approach to condensate management.

Clean Resources Oil-Water Separation

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