Alternative Fuels

CNG Installation Projects

Air & Gas Technologies has designed and built over 150 CNG Station in various areas from northern Connecticut to Virginia, plus provides proactive preventative maintenance and emergency services. A key component of our station design is to build from a service perspective, thereby allowing prompt and cost-effective service and long-term functionality of each fueling facility. Quality and integrity is in our DNA, by not cutting corners to reduce the upfront costs. Air & Gas Technologies has completed a variety of CNG installations, from large high volume large scale stations, private and public stations to  Home Refueling Appliances (HRAs) through Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRAs). 

CNG Case Studies

Below is an overview of our CNG customer’s mix showcasing our broad experience and expertise in the alternative fuel & CNG installation industry. The Specialty Project include biogas applications, LCNG & Hythane all of which were custom stations, and we are more than willing to offer their details and references if necessary.

Utility Companies →

Schools & Universities →

Authorities: Ports, Airports & Water →

Federal & Government Fleets →

Municipalities & Non-Profit Organizations →

Private Fleets →

Specialty Projects →

  • CNG Trailer Booster System
  • Bio-Gas
  • Liquid/Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG)
  • Hydrogen/Methane (aka Hythane)