Alternative Fuels

Renewable Natural Gas 

The Cleanest Fuel Option for Medium & Heavy-Duty Vehicles Available Today

Renewable Natural Gas or RNG is a reclaimed resource the nation is embracing as a present and future vehicle fuel.

RNG – Sourcing Clean Fuel

Livestock farms, wastewater treatment facilities and landfills all have a similar bi-product, methane. While some of this methane is repurposed onsite, much of it would have typically escaped or been burned off, releasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So instead, this combustible gas which typically goes underutilized is being captured, cleaned, and put to work. Anaerobic digesters process this bi-product and bring its chemical composition in spec with Pipeline Quality Natural Gas. Once it reaches this level of purity, it is injected into the national pipeline system for anyone’s use.

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Thankfully the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has incentivized the reclamation process by monetizing the RNG (via Renewable Identification Numbers also known as RINs) as a vehicle fuel commodity. This financial incentive has sparked hundreds of digester projects across the nation. There are several hundred anerobic digesters operating at commercial farms, water treatment facilities, and landfills across the United States. The RFS poses an opportunity for those who operate Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refueling Stations. Since RNG as vehicle fuel is most valuable to RNG Project owners they wish to dedicate certain volumes to specific customers.

we will help you transition to RNG

Air & Gas Technologies’ project partner, AGT Energy Services LLC, has made strategic partnerships that allow us to supply Renewable Natural Gas to CNG Station Owners. Our service connects your station to a supply and takes on the majority of the reporting requirements, contract negotiation, and volume allocation. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers and offer expertise to navigate this complex field. We take the headache out of this program for our customers, and they simply reap the benefits of participation. Contact us to learn how AGT Energy Services can lead you toward a Cleaner Fleet as well as the Financial Benefits offered by this program.