Breathing Air Compressors

More than 250 fire departments in 3 states trust Air & Gas Technologies for quality high-pressure breathing air compressors that they can bet their life on.

Air & Gas Technologies offers High-Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Systems and Breathing Air Cascade Systems from Bauer.  A Bauer breathing air high-pressure breathing air compressor is the most reliable and dependable unit you can purchase in the industry. Bauer has been manufacturing high-pressure compressor systems for over 60 years. All Bauer units will produce air quality of CGA Grade E breathing air suitable for the Fire industry, SCUBA, Military and Industrial use. Pure air for your SCBA, SCUBA or Cascade System meets NFPA recommendations.  As a Bauer distributor since 1995 Air & Gas Technologies is ready to meet your complex Breathing Air needs.

Compressor Parts Availability for breathing Air

We carry a full line of Bauer breathing air system parts in our Cliffwood Beach, NJ location.  We also stock most cartridges, filters and oil for brands other than Bauer.  All parts are ready to ship from our central New Jersey (NJ) location. We can ship to anywhere in the United States. More importantly, we can provide the service and parts personally for customers and clients in our area including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New York.

The parts we provide include filtration, oil, condensate drain systems, gauges, regulators, adapters, and other common repair parts to get you on your way.  Quality breathing air starts with quality parts.

Air & Gas Tech Advantages


Reliable Equipment

We sell new Bauer Compressor Cascade System as they are the industry standard for breathing air systems. 


Safe, Pure, Clean Air

Our quality assurance protocol ensures you will have equipment that produces safe, pure, clean breathing air that is safe for all.


Factory-Trained technicians

Our nine field technicians are all factory-trained for high-pressure breathing equipment. They have been trained to provide quality service and repairs for our first responders.


Customer Service

We pride ourselves in having the very best customer service and response time for any needs that may arise. 


Save money

Our experienced team will recommend the right equipment for your breathing air needs. We also offer affordable service contracts for maintenance. 


Emergency response

We have a rapid-response team to deploy for emergencies and will ensure your breathing air equipment is ready and safe to use 24x7x365. 

How Often to replace breathing air parts

Most parts such as fittings should last for a very long time. Occasionally gauges are broken and no longer read properly. Overheating is a major concern and a leading cause in replacing parts. However, with regular maintenance, overheating can be prevented.

To prevent overheating, ensure that the compressor oil is replaced regularly. Maintenance intervals can be determined for specific machines by hours run, or by a set amount of time. Air and Gas Technologies offers a quarterly or bi-annual, or even monthly checkups on machines.

To maintain air quality, regular filter replacements are paramount. Especially for breathing air compressors since the filters are the core part that creates the breathing air quality from the regular atmospheric equivalent. Particles, impurities, and water are removed to keep you and your compressor healthy.



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